Our History

My name is Wayne Scott and I am the owner of MarketingGenius.uk

I specialise in helping start up and small businesses to create successful sales and marketing campaigns, enabling them to overcome obstacles and reach potential customers or key decision makers.

My advertising expertise has proven invaluable to small businesses. One of my recent clients made over £4000.00 profit from work which came from spending only £74.00 on an advertising campaign I created and managed!

Although the name "Marketing Genius" lends itself well to the marketing services I provide, I also provide mentoring and support through my Hertfordshire based business mentoring services.

Below is a brief overview of my personal experience and background. It will give you an insight into the type of skills you are adding to your business when we start working together.

Sales Training and Sales Management

My first sales position was with a company called Thorn UK, selling finance and rental contracts to consumers. I was keen to make an impression.

Within the first month of joining I achieved 256% of the company sales target, selling more finance contracts than almost every sales person in the County.

Consistantly one of the top sale people I soon built a name for myself and would eventually be asked to provide mentoring and training to sales people and managers.

I believe success resides within everyone and just needs the right enviromnent to release it. That was never more true than with one salesman who was sent to me to train for 1 week.

He lacked confidence and was at the bottom of the league board having often sold 0 (Yes, that's zero) contracts per month.  

After mentoring him for 1 week his approach to sales was totally transformed. From then on I watched his name regularly appear close to mine in the top 5 sales people in the County.

Much of my early career was as a sales manager or business development manager. In these roles I also conceived and implemented ideas for products and services which Directors would introduce to their business, enabling them to gain additional sources of revenue.

 Credit Control Management and blue chip companies

My first Credit Control position was with Ford Finance. My negotiation skills were soon noticed by senior management and it wasn't long before I was tasked with working on specialist cases including potential fraud accounts and difficult to recover debts.

Over the last 15 years I have worked within organisations such as, Addecco, Mitsubishi Europe, Europcar and Renault Business Finance. As an experienced Credit Control and Operations Manager I have created departments and streamlined existing departments in organisations. If needed I can apply these additional skills directly to your business to reduce your exposure to bad debt and ensure your invoices are paid on time.

Business Mentoring and Trouble Shooting

Working for some of the biggest blue chip companies in the UK provided me with valuable knowledge skills operational practices which today I transfer to clients who enlist my services, to help progress their business. 

Please check my References and Testimonials to see what sort of real difference I have made with other companies so you can understand the value I can add to your business.

I am down to earth, honest and approachable, so, pick up the phone, give me a call and let's talk about your requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Wayne Scott - MarketingGenius.uk

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